• Liquor-saturated ribs

    As a represent of traditional Fujian cuisine, it is not only the childhood memory of many locals lived in where Fujian dishes are popular but also a must-have dish in every household on festive occasi


  • Fried hairy tofu

    It is made of hairy tofu from Tunxi and Xiuning of Anhui. It is a very famous traditional dish of Huizhou, Anhui province, a vegetarian dish of Anhui cuisine. Legend has it that this dish is related t


  • Huangshan stewed pigeon

    It is a traditional famous dish of Huangshan, Anhui. It's Huangshan edible pigeons and yam steamed in a container. The soup is clear and delicious, the pigeon meat thoroughly cooked, the yam tasti


  • Ham simmered with soft-shelled turtles

    It is Anhui cuisine, with soft-shelled turtles and ham as main materials. It tastes delicious and savory. The technique is simmering, with a high level of difficulty. Soft-shelled turtles could purify


  • Spicy chicken

    It originated from the years of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty. It's one of the famous and authentic Hunan cuisine dishes with strong local flavors. There's a saying "having tried spicy chic


  • Steamed multiple preserved food

    It's a famous traditional dish of Hunan, belonging to Hunan cuisine. It's preserved pork, chicken, fish, steamed with chicken broth and seasonings. The cooking method is simple. It tastes of a


  • Steamed fish head with chopped chili pepper

    It's a famous traditional Hunan dish belonging to Hunan cuisine. Legend has it that its origin is connect to the Qing Dynasty scholar Huang Zongxian. The main materials are usually fish head, and


  • Sister Song's fish soup

    It's also named the Fish Soup of the Fifth Song’s Sisters, a famous dish of Hangzhou. It originated from the Southern Song Dynasty, with over 800 years of history. This dish is also dubbed "a


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