• Fried hairy tofu

    It is made of hairy tofu from Tunxi and Xiuning of Anhui. It is a very famous traditional dish of Huizhou, Anhui province, a vegetarian dish of Anhui cuisine. Legend has it that this dish is related t


  • Huangshan stewed pigeon

    It is a traditional famous dish of Huangshan, Anhui. It's Huangshan edible pigeons and yam steamed in a container. The soup is clear and delicious, the pigeon meat thoroughly cooked, the yam tasti


  • Ham simmered with soft-shelled turtles

    It is Anhui cuisine, with soft-shelled turtles and ham as main materials. It tastes delicious and savory. The technique is simmering, with a high level of difficulty. Soft-shelled turtles could purify


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