SCODA Holds a Special Meeting to Promote Key Projects

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The year 2021 is the “project implementation year” for Qingdao. Key projects are the top priority of the city’s economic development. On the morning of January 28, the SCODA held a special meeting on key projects. Meng Qingsheng, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, presided over the meeting and made a speech.


At the meeting, the Planning and Construction Department reported on the progress in the planning and construction of the international conference center and business center projects in the SCODA as well as cooperation with related projects.

Meng noted that we should put decisions and arrangements in place for the “year of project implementation,” play a leading role in project construction and international cooperation, and promote key projects in all fields through coordinated planning. We should take the opportunity of project promotion to explore the reengineering of the approval process, reduce the time limit, improve the service level, and make every effort to enhance the service and guarantee the efficiency.

Meng stressed that we should follow and adjust the schedule, and identify key project tasks and time nodes. We should enforce accountability with targets, push forward progress by setting deadlines, and improve efficiency through supervision, thereby speeding up the project construction. To carry forward the spirit of the SCODA, we should dare to think and try and contribute to the establishment of the “Belt and Road” international cooperation platform.

Tang Dehua, member of the Party Working Committee of the SCODA, attended the meeting.

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