Meng Qingsheng Investigates Project Construction

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On January 20, Meng Qingsheng, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, led a team to investigate project construction at the sites of Shanghai Electric Wind Power Equipment Industrial Park, HANDLE Geely Intelligent Internet, and other projects.


At the site of Shanghai Electric Wind Power Equipment Industrial Park, Meng gained a detailed understanding of the project construction. He encouraged the project to leverage its advantages to build a high-quality project and create a better industrial chain. It should pursue “underground” space and “air” benefits. It is expected to become Asia’s largest demonstration base for the whole industrial chain of high-end wind power equipment.


At the site of HANDLE·Geely Intelligent Internet, Meng asked about the difficulties and challenges in the project promotion, analyzed the reasons, and looked for countermeasures together with the project head. He stressed the need to push forward the project construction as scheduled, and effectively set a project service task force to ensure that the problems encountered in the project construction are coordinated and solved at the first time. He hoped that the project will help Qingdao to build a global city of Industrial Internet with the world's most cutting-edge Internet identifier resolution.

Tang Dehua, member of the Party Working Committee of the SCODA, participated in the investigation.

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