Light up SCODA and Show a New Style! SCODA Starts the Lighting Planning

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The SCODA is not only a new economic and trade outcome of the SCO Qingdao Summit, but also Qingdao’s mission, responsibility, and undertaking. It opens a new chapter for Qingdao to deeply integrate into the “Belt and Road” construction, expand local economic and trade cooperation with SCO countries, and build a new pattern of comprehensive opening-up in the new era.


In 2018, the construction of the SCODA started. After two years, great progress has been made. Recently, the Qingdao Public Resources Trading Platform publicly released the EPC tender information for the “lighting project at important positions in the SCODA,” which means that the “lighting project” of the SCODA will start planning and construction.


Basic information of the project

Facilities to be installed: About 13,700 sets of lighting equipment and corresponding control systems will be installed at the following positions: Yuejin River Bridge in Jiaoda Avenue, Yanghete Bridge, Ruyi Lake Bridge in Chuangxin Avenue, Ruyi Lake Bridge in Shangde Avenue, Ruyi Lake Bridge in Shengtai Avenue, bridge exist in Shengtai Avenue and Cross-Sea Bridge, the intersection between Shengtai Avenue and Huaihe Road, Shengtai Avenue and Shangde Avenue, the intersection between Shangde Avenue and Huanghe Road, North Gate of Shangde Avenue Park, SCO Service Center building and the surrounding square, four roads around the SCO Service Center, and Seagull Bridge.


Tender content: It includes the scheme design, preliminary design, construction drawing design, and related follow-up services of this project. Construction of the works within the scope of construction drawings and warranty for the defect liability period are also included.



The lighting of the tall buildings along the May Fourth Square along Qingdao’s Fushan Bay showcases the bustling night scene of Qingdao. The beautiful light show attracts many citizens and tourists. Lighting drives the development of tourism and is a major achievement of Qingdao’s urban construction planning!


Upon completion of the lighting design, the SCODA will present a new style to the world through the lighting landscape.

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