The First Standard Plot in the SCODA Successfully Transferred

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On January 28, Big Herdsman Machinery Co., Ltd. won the 50-year right to use the 68-mu industrial land in the SCODA with a total price of 15.68 million yuan. This is the first standard plot successfully listed for transfer in the SCODA.


It is reported that this plot will be used to develop a national high-tech industry of modern livestock and poultry breeding equipment and provide smart pasture turnkey services for large global breeding groups.


“Standard” transfer

Different from the industrial land listed for transfer in the past, the transfer of this plot involves “standards” including per-mu tax, the intensity of investment in fixed assets, energy consumption per unit of industrial added value, emission quota per unit of industrial added value, etc. In particular, the intensity of investment in fixed assets (ten thousand yuan/mu) is ≥500; the FAR is ≥1.8; the per-mu tax (ten thousand yuan/mu) is ≥ 30. The increase in access threshold urges enterprises to strictly follow the requirements when applying for this plot.


Promote the “standard plot” system

The “standard plot” system will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises and facilitate the building of an open and modern SCODA. To ensure the implementation of the system, the SCODA has formulated and promulgated the Implementation Plan of “Standard Plots” for Industrial Projects Invested by Enterprises in the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area (Interim), which provides guidelines for this system.


“The next step”

The SCODA will further improve its policies based on the evaluation, continuously enhance the quality of reforms, effectively promote the flow of production factors to high-quality and efficient areas, and facilitate the economical and intensive use of land.

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