Wu Jinbiao, President of Qingdao Maritime Court, Visited SCODA

2021-05-27 10:59:41 admin source: share:

On March 31th, 2021, a delegation led by Wu Jinbiao, who is the Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Qingdao Maritime Court, paid a visit to the SCODA for research and investigation.


Both sides discussed and exchanged views on topics such as how to bring into full play maritime judicial function, how to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of litigation service, how to promote the building of a one-stop, diversified dispute resolution mechanism, the exchanges and cooperation base for the China-SCO Legal Service Commission, the SCO Legal and Intellectual Valley and some other legal construction programs, as well as how to proactively advance the development of the marine economy and legal construction here in the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area (SCODA).

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