SCODA Starts China’s First Global Coverage LEO Satellite Constellation Project

2021-05-27 09:44:44 admin source: share:

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Geely Satellite Internet project was grandly held in the SCODA on the morning of April 6. The project will form the first global LEO (low-earth-orbit) satellite constellation in China, which will help to facilitate high-quality development of the SCODA and to speed up the construction of a new Belt and Road international cooperation platform.


The Geely Satellite Internet project is invested and built by Zhejiang Geespace Co., Ltd. under Geely Technology Group. The project will involve a series of institutions including the global satellite constellation business headquarter, the global satellite constellation and satellite testing, operation and control center, the smart logistics application base, the smart marine applications base, the AI data operation center, and the terminal module design and R&D center. It is envisioned as a world-leading, space-ground integrated satellite Internet demonstration program as soon as the first global LEO satellite constellation for China is completed.


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