100 Major Tasks Accomplished by SCODA in 2020

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In 2020, the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area (SCODA) accomplished "100 Major Tasks" remarkably, with significant growth of all performance indicators concerned. The SCODA has achieved an investment in fixed assets of RMB 32.6 billion yuan, a total retail sales of consumer goods of RMB 23.1 billion yuan, an amount of USD 410 million on foreign funds actually received for FDI, and a total foreign trade value of RMB 15.6 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 11%, 15%, 39.3%, and 14.4%, respectively.


28 projects with a total investment of 128.8 billion yuan that have exemplary and demonstrative effects have been introduced, including the Geely Satellite Internet, SCO-Fosun Shiguangli, Nissan Motor, etc. Among them are 5 projects by Fortune 500 companies, 2 by Chinese top 500 companies, 2 by unicorn companies, and 5 by companies as industry leaders.


I. Construction of the international logistics center


1. SCODA was approved as a commercial service-oriented national logistics hub.


2. The CR Express Assembly Center at the provincial level received vigorous support.


3. The SCO Multimodal Transport Center gained strong momentum.


4. The "Qilu Japan and South Korea Sea-Land Express" was newly launched.


5. The second group of tracks for the CR Intermodal Qingdao Central Station was built and put into service, increasing the annual field operation capability to 1.08 million TEUs.


6. The SCO Express of Qilu Eurasian freight train line operated in mass transit mode.


7. Newly launched three fixed lines of the Eurasian Block Train.


8. Transfar Logistics (SCODA) international road transport route was formally opened.


9. Established strategic partnership with China Highway and Transportation Society.


10. The 2020 Global Supply Chain SCO Summit & The 8th CSCMP China Conference were successfully held.


11. Construction for a list of key logistics projects started.


12. A strategic cooperation agreement was signed with Shandong Port Group that supports the normal operation of the "Jiaozhou-Huangdao District Transfer Trains".


13. Pilot work for the multimodal transport bill of lading by China International Freight Forwarders Association achieved a breakthrough.


14. Qingdao Financial Logistics Cyberport Development Co., Ltd was brought in.


15. Functionality of the multimodal transport platform was improved.


16. Domestic and international exchanges and cooperation in the logistics industry were extensively carried out.


17. Application for and establishment of the comprehensive bonded area for the SCODA (Jiaodong International Airport) were expedited.


18. The business of mixed transportation of domestic and foreign trade goods via international block trains was facilitated.


II. Construction of the modern trade center


19. Online dialogue with foreign diplomats in China themed "Meeting SCODA on the cloud for common development" was held.


20. A channel for normalized communication and connection was established.


21. The 2020 SCO International Investment and Trade Expo was well prepared and sponsored.


22. Norov Vladimir Imamovich sent a letter of thanks to the SCODA Administrative Committee.


23. The Ministry of Commerce approved to support the opening up and development of the entire oil and gas industry chain in the SCODA.


24. Ten trading platforms were brought in and nurtured.


25. Clustering of trading entities was accelerated.


26. Construction of "overseas warehouses" achieved a new breakthrough.


27. The JD SCO Featured Product Online Store was put into operation.


28. The SCO Product Pavilion was officially opened.


29. Shandong Yingpu Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. registered  in the SCODA.


30. Beijing Huanuo Exiang (REX) Trading Company Limited registered  in the SCODA.


31. Import of high-quality agricultural products from SCO countries expanded.


32. The SCODA International Innovation and Production Capacity Cooperation Center was established.


33. The China Trade Index for SCO Member States was compiled and released.


34. Cooperation agreements with cities and business associations from SCO countries were signed.


35. Research on trade cooperation and policy was carried out.


36. Connections with overseas business associations were strengthened.


III. Construction of the two-way investment center


37. New progress have been made in the work of "investment promotion and talents attraction" .


38. Qian Yuan Tong 5G Internet Industrial Park settled in the SCODA.


39. The Geely Satellite Internet project was signed and settled in the SCODA.


40. The SCO-Fosun Shiguangli project was signed and settled in the SCODA.


41. Royole's internationally advanced flexible display production line project was signed and settled in the SCODA.


42. The Handle Global Root Node (Qingdao) project was signed and settled in the SCODA.


43. The Qingdao Vanyang Entrepreneurship City project was signed and settled in the SCODA.


44. The commencement ceremony of key projects in the SCODA was successfully held.


45. Local economic and trade cooperation with Uzbekistan achieved a breakthrough.


46. The China-Pakistan Center project was signed and settled in the SCODA.


47. The Russia Center project started.


48. A series of key projects were signed at the SCO Summit on Global Supply Chain.


49. A companies' seminar for two-way investment was held at the SCODA.


50. Project cooperation and joint development for local companies in Qingdao were accelerated.


51. A "comprehensive agricultural development base" was forged.


52. A strategic cooperation agreement was signed with Qingdao Tourism Group and Pakistan (China) Economic Cooperation Center.


53. Construction of the SCO specialty products processing base.


54. Cooperation with China-Belarus Industrial Park was deepened.


55. Construction of overseas industrial parks was accelerated.


56. Bilateral investment and cooperation were deepened.


IV. Construction of the business, tourism and culture exchanges and development center


57. Vigorous efforts were made to establish the SCO Economic and Trade College.


58. Cultural exchanges were promoted between higher learning institutions in Qingdao and SCO countries.


59. The SCODA Exhibition Hall was built and put into service.


60. Construction of the SCO International Exchanges and Training Center started.


61. Construction of the Qingdao International Business Club for SCO Countries.


62. The urban design and underground space planning for the core area was approved through the review of academicians and experts.


63. The International Business Club for Central SOEs organized an international promotion.


64. The SCO Youth Startup Incubation Base settled in the SCODA.


65. The SCO-Shanghai Entrepreneurship Port settled in the SCODA.


66. The SCODA culture and tourism program was promoted.


67. Cultural and sports exchanges among SCO countries were promoted.


68. The SCO "Law and Intelligence Valley" was established to create a Belt and Road legal service center.


69. Construction of the SCO Young Entrepreneurs Center project started.


70. International cultural and tourism exchanges were carried out.


71. The final of the "Meeting at SCO Cup" Russian Language Competition and the dialogue for Russian translator cultivation were successfully held.


72. Cooperation of central SOEs achieved a new breakthrough.


73. Exchanges of foreign personnel were facilitated.


V. Construction of the marine cooperation center


74. The World Marine Science and Technology Conference and International Ocean Science Conference 2020 were successfully held.


75. The 5th Qingdao International Ocean Science and Technology Exhibition was sponsored.


76. The SCO International Innovation Center for Marine Science and Technology settled in the SCODA.


77. The 2020 "Sail to the Ocean" talent training project by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs—the capacity-building training course for international cooperation on the "going out" of the fishery was successfully organized.


78. The Zhonglu Oceanic International Innovation Industrial Park project was signed.


79. The International Forum on Aquaculture for Silk Road Countries was held.


80. The Qingdao Marine Information Service Industry Alliance was established.


81. The SCO Energy Industry Alliance was created.


82. The China-SCO Technology Transfer Center was officially unveiled.


83. Project bidding for the SCO Energy Center was accomplished.


VI. Supporting works


84. Instructions given by Liu Jiayi, Secretary of CPC Shandong Provincial Committee, during his visit to the SCODA were fully implemented.


85. The contingent of cadres was selected based on merit.


86. Qingdao SCO Development Group Co., Ltd. was established.


87. Urban design for the core area was carried out.


88. Strategic planning for the industrial development in the SCODA was finished.


89. The overall development planning for the SCODA was finished.


90. Research on policy innovation was carried out.


91. The Belt and Road (Qingdao) SME Cooperation Area was approved.


92. Shandong Gangxin Futures Co., Ltd. was approved.


93. The industrial cluster for key industries in Qingdao was approved.


94. The first batch of provincial-level administrative power items was delegated.


95. The supply-side reform for "standard plot" was promoted.


96. Demonstrative effect was shown during the coaching for local companies within the SCODA to go public.


97. A number of innovation and entrepreneurship platforms were established.


98. The Jiaozhou Connection Line of the Jiaozhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge was officially opened.


99. A "one-stop" all-ages education system was established.


100. The land for the development of the SCODA was guaranteed.


101. The phase-one project for the comprehensive improvement of the road environment was fully completed.


102. The China-Russia Energy Fund settled in the SCODA and completed the record procedures at the Asset Management Association of China.


103. Efforts were made to attract a number of venture capital investment institutions to the SCODA.


104. Pilot programs for payment facilitation of income under capital accounts and for delegation of external debt cancellation registration were all implemented within the SCODA.


105. The 14th Five-Year Plan by the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee proposed to support the development of the SCODA.


106. The Shandong Provincial Government enacted measures to support the development of the SCODA.


107. One bank and four bureaus in Qingdao promulgated policies supporting the development of the SCODA.


108. "SCO Stories" were narrated to promote the SCODA in an all-round way and via multiple channels.


109. Relevant rules and regulations were established and improved.


110. Further advanced the work to run the CPC with strict discipline and improve Party conduct and build a clean government.

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