Online Meeting between the SCODA and Jizzakh Uzbekistan

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On April 9, SCODA held an online meeting with Jizzakh, Uzbekistan. Xiang Zhiqiang, Member of the Party Working Committee, and Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, Kamil Hamradov, Mayor of Jizzakh, Uzbekistan, Kuzyev Tursunali, Former Minister of Culture and Sports, Shaboz Kamalov, Vice Mayor, Director of Free Trade Zone of Jizzakh, Milgolom Usmanov, Business Director of BMB Trading Group, Ziamuhamedov Schuchruch, Director of the Department of International Relations of SCO, Zhang Hongping, President, Xiong Xuehua, General Manager of Xinjiang Asia Europe Exchange Center Co.Ltd, gathered via cloud meeting to seek common development.


Xiang Zhiqiang expressed hope for the two sides to leverage their own advantages, and actively promote the bilateral exchange and cooperation between China and Uzbekistan, as well as exploring the new path for cooperation between Jizzakh and SCODA in economy and trade, and logistics.


SCODA, as a new platform for economic and trade cooperation and opening up, enjoys a promising future and it's his hope that the two sides could strengthen communication, explore cooperation potential, and carry out more pragmatic cooperation, said Kamil Hamradov.

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