Zhao Haozhi Inspected the Building of the SCODA: Seeking New Breakthroughs in Building a New Platform for International Cooperation

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On the afternoon of April 15th, Zhao Haozhi, Vice Secretary of the CPC Qingdao Committee, Mayor of Qingdao led a group of heads of departments to inspect the building of the SCODA. He emphasized that building the SCODA was a major political task bestowed on us by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Central Party Committee, departments on all levels must further raise their awareness and sense of responsibility, benchmark against the planned targets of the central government, and the requirements of the CPC Shandong Committee and the provincial government. He said we should put pressure on ourselves and form synergy, to push forward the building of the SCODA and yield new achievements, so as to realize new breakthroughs on accelerating the building of a new platform for Belt and Road International Cooperation.


During the inspection, Zhao Haozhi visited the Asian Headquarter and R&D Test Center of Swedish AlfaLaval, Nidec Elevator Project of Nidec Corporation, Geely Satelite Internet Project, Handle Global Root Node Project. He looked into the showrooms and workshops of the companies, listened to introductions of the operation and production, R&D, marketing of the companies in detail. Zhao Haozhi also inspected the building of Ruyi Lake Park on his way. During the following meeting, the Administrative Committee of the SCODA reported on the preparation for the SCO Expo and the building of the SCODA, all work groups reported on their work respectively. 

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