Liu Jianjun Presided over Meeting on Preparation for 2021 SCO Expo& Qingdao Forum

2021-05-31 13:37:32 admin source: share:

On April 23rd, Liu Jianjun, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qingdao Committee, Secretary of the CPC Jiaozhou Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee, and Director of the Administrative Committee of the SCO Demonstration Area presided over the meeting on the preparation for 2021 SCO Expo& Qingdao Forum at Jiaozhou government building, and once again made arrangements for the preparation work.


Liu Jianjun emphasized that the preparation for the SCO Expo had entered the final stage, and the whole city held high expectations for the success of this grand event. It was the fundamental philosophy of the preparation work that "We'd rather take a step forward that the work overlaps, than taking a step back at leaving a gap". All workgroups and departments must attach great importance, make sure responsibilities are well distributed, standards are made clear, the synergy is created, and the guarantee is strengthened, so as to deliver a successful grand event, and exhibit a healthy development momentum.

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