The 7th “Silk Road Seminar” Held in the SCODA

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On April 16th and May 7th, the 7th "Silk Road Seminar" was successfully held in B1 Lecture Hall at SCO Service Center. This training had two sessions on international protocol and etiquette, media emergency management and media communication. Song Binglin, former Division Chief of the Protocol Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomat of China to Lebanon, Belgium, Consul General at the Consulate General in Marseilles, France, and Yang Yujun, Dean of the Media and Public Affairs Research Institute, senior Researcher, Director of the Global Communication Management Research Center of Communication University of China, former Director General and spokesperson of the News Bureau of Ministry of National Defence, were invited to give lectures. Gao Xiaohui, Member of the Party Working Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Working Committee, and Director of the Supervisory Office presided over the seminar.


During and after the classes, all attendants were enthusiastic, actively raised questions to the lecturers, interacted and exchanged ideas. It was the consensus that this training was highly enlightening. The students would reflect on and draw reference from the views, so as to truly understand and apply the theories to everyday work. They would be committed to the building of the SCODA in an active and energetic spirit, contribute SCO strength and shoulder the responsibilities for the building of a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation.


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