Nidec Global Electric Industrial Park to be Built in SCODA, Aiming to Build World-Class Motor R&D and Production Base

2021-07-11 15:59:05 admin source: share:

On June 8, the Signing Ceremony of Nidec Global Electric Industrial Park was held at the SCO Service Center of the SCODA. The signing indicated that the SCODA's cooperation with Japan entered a new phase.


When the project reached design capacity, it is estimated to yield an annual output of 15 million motors, and 20 million control panels, creating an annual value of production of 400 million USD and over 3000 jobs. The products can be widely applied in areas of communication, household appliances, commerce, industry, and the Internet of Things. The products will not only be sold in China but also exported to Europe, United States, India, and other SCO countries. The main clients include famous enterprises such as General Electric, Panasonic and Samsung.


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