Guests from Ganjiang New Area of Jiangxi Visited SCODA

2021-07-11 19:21:13 admin source: share:

On June 8, Wang Yalian, Full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Ganjiang New Area of Jiangxi visited the SCODA to learn the experience in hosting the SCO Expo. They visited the SCODA Planning Exhibition Hall, Specialty Commodity Hall and the main venue at Fangyuan Sport Center, and met with Xiang Zhiqiang, Deputy Director General of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA at SCO Service Center.


Wang Yalian highly commended the achievements of the SCO Expo, and said that the experience of hosting this exposition held inspiration for the related event to be held in Ganjiang New Area of Jiangxi this July. He hoped that the SCODA could share experience in the process of organizing the expo, and designing the program, so as to facilitate the success of Ganjiang's forum.

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