Officials from Qingdao Tax Service of State Taxation Administration Surveyed Demands for Taxation Policies in the SCODA

2021-07-11 19:27:24 admin source: share:

On June 10, Jiang Shizhu, Member of the Party Committee, Chief Accountant of Qingdao Tax Service of State Taxation Administration visited the SCODA, accompanied by the officials of Jiaozhou Tax Service. Meng Qingsheng, Deputy Director General of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA met with Jiang Shizhu at the SCO Service Center.


During the meeting, Meng Qingsheng said that he hoped the tax departments could provide guidance in systematic innovation, and contact the supervising departments to coordinate more favorable policies, in order to form a synergy with the SCODA, attract more industries to gather in the SCODA, and support the building of a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation.

Jiang Shizhu said that Qingdao Tax Service would continue to support the SCODA, provide special support in exploring a new model of systematic innovation with SCO characteristics, and offering the companies favorable tax policies, so as to contribute to the wisdom of tax policies to the SCODA.


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