Second Session of the 10th "Silk Road Lecture Hall" of the SCODA Successfully Held

2021-09-25 13:42:56 admin source: share:

On June 29, the second session of the 10th "Silk Road Lecture Hall" of the SCODA was successfully held at the B1 conference hall of the SCO Service Center. This "Silk Road Lecture Hall" of the SCODA focused on topics such as "Current Economic Situation at Home and Abroad and the Dual Circulation, Rules and Interpretation of RCEP", and "Opportunities and Challenges Facing the SCO", etc.


During the lectures, Huo Jianguo and Deng Hao cited their own work experiences and made in-depth analysis on the impact and challenges posed to China by the current international situation, the current international and domestic economic situation and dual circulation, new trends of market opening up and changes in multilateral rules, as well as the opportunities and challenges faced by SCO.


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