SCODA Convened Meeting to Dispatch the Relocation of Jiaozhou No.12 Middle School

2021-09-26 10:48:13 admin source: share:

On August 6, the meeting to dispatch the relocation of Jiaozhou No.12 Middle School was held at the SCO Service Center. Hao Guoxin, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA presided over the meeting. The relocation was coordinated and carried out by the Administrative Committee of the SCODA, Jiaozhou Bureau of Education and Sports, Jiaodong Sub-district Office. All three sides were responsible for the organization and coordination of the relocation.


It was reported that the Jiaodong International Airport will be transited and start operation on August 12. By then, the noise pollution to Jiaozhou No.12 Middle School would exceed 75 decibels, which will fail to meet the regulations in the Standard of Aircraft Noise for Environment Around Airport, therefore, the school must be relocated. Through discussion, different grades of Jiaozhou No.12 Middle School should be relocated to the SCODA Experimental Middle School and Qingdao Concord College of Sino-Canada.

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