SCODA Convened the Meeting to Promote the Progress of Major Projects at the Core Area

2021-09-25 14:30:12 admin source: share:

On August 9, the SCODA convened a meeting to promote the progress of major projects at the core area. Tang Dehua, member of the Party Working Committee of the SCODA, attended the meeting. The meeting heard the progress and problems of the projects, including the SCO International Conference Center, Jiaoda Avenue, and SCO Plaza, and made systematic deliberation and arrangements.



The meeting emphasized that we should establish the mechanism of regular meetings on projects, plan and summaries on the projects regularly, and make every effort to push forward the projects. We should steadfastly uphold the philosophy of safe production, guard the safety and quality of projects, guarantee the construction going without any corruption, thus ensuring the projects were clean, transparent and safe. For all projects, we must seize opportunities, schedule a timetable for progress, spare no effort in pushing forward, take initiative, and set good examples, so as to accelerate the major constructions.

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