2021 China Wealth Forum Opened! Shandong Gangxin Futures Co., Ltd. Established

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On the morning of July 24, 2021, China Wealth Forum themed on New Time · New Wealth · New Management was opened at Haitian Financial Center Hotel.


During the opening ceremony, the inauguration ceremony of Shandong Gangxin Futures Co., Ltd. was also held. Zhang Xiaoxuan, Executive Vice Chairman of China Futures Association, Zhang Jun, Vice Mayor of Qingdao, Li Fengli, Secretary of the Party Committee, Board Director and General Manager of Shandong Port Group, Wang Jinyu, Director General of Qingdao Local Financial Supervision Bureau, and Meng Qingsheng, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA pushed the pole for opening together.


On December 4, 2020, China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the establishment of Shandong Gangxin Futures Co., Ltd, which became the first futures company approved to be set up in China since 1997, thus filling the vacancy of legal person futures company in Qingdao.

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