SCO Demonstration Area--Cross-Border Trade Service Center Launched for Trial Operation

2021-09-25 15:05:48 admin source: share:

The SCO Demonstration Area--Cross-Border Trade Service Center was launched for trial operation. The task of the center is to provide top-level design plans for the new business type of the SCODA's cross-border trade with SCO countries (mainly Russia). The center will take the cross-border industry as the driving force, design applications for the country's latest policy on cross-border trade, innovation links and models for smart logistics, import and export trade service, supply chain financial service, government public service, etc. It is yet another important platform to demonstrate the business characteristics of the SCODA to the world, thus increasing the SCODA's influence in international communication.



It will promote regional economic development, expand and link industrial demands, so as to contribute to the domestic and international dual circulation. In the future, the SCODA will adopt an international perspective with a high starting point and high standards, undertake trials and pilot tasks, create a dual circulation through the channels of cross-border trade, push forward bilateral and multilateral trade, and blaze a new trail for trade.

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