Liu Jianjun Met with Guests Attending the Summer of SCODA 2021

2021-09-25 15:06:35 admin source: share:

On July 30, Liu Jianjun, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qingdao Committee, Secretary of the CPC Jiaozhou Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee, and Director of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA, met with guests attending the opening ceremony of Summer of SCODA 2021 at the SCODA, including Nabhasporn Bhuttarichval, Consul General of Thailand in Qingdao, Igawahala Masalu, Consul General of Japan in Qingdao, Kim Kyung Han, Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Qingdao, and Sam Sorphorn, Consul General of Cambodia in Jinan, and Mohammed Ygaramzoda, Vice Ambassador of Tajikistan in China. 


Liu Jianjun welcomed the guests attending the Summer of SCODA, and carried out in-depth discussions in terms of the direction and path for the SCODA's cooperation with Japan, the Republic of Korea, SCO countries and ASEAN countries after the RCEP agreement was signed.

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