Guests from China State Construction Group Visited the SCODA

2021-10-25 15:26:42 admin source: share:

On September 13, Meng Qingsheng, Member of the Party Working Committee, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA met with Tian Qiang, General Manager of the Infrastructure Business Department of China State Construction Group, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Board of China Construction Infrastructure Co., Ltd., and discussed the construction of the core area.



Meng Qingsheng hoped that the two sides could join hands to further enrich and raise the level of the cooperation, and form a sound momentum of "numerous tower cranes engaging in full swing".


Tian Qiang said that the principal leader of China State Construction Group attached great importance to the construction of the SCODA. The group would concentrate its best resources, work by the highest standards, from a high starting point and with high requirements, and continue to make all-out efforts to contribute to the construction of the SCODA.


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