Guests from the Commercial Representative's Office of the Azerbaijani Embassy in China Visited SCODA

2021-10-25 15:42:08 admin source: share:

From September 26 to 27, Teymur Nadiroghlu, Commercial Representative, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of Azerbaijani Embassy in China and Natig Khalilov, the Chief Consultant visited Qingdao.



Xiang Zhiqiang welcomed the guests and said that, in the future, the SCODA would provide favorable policies on funding and other aspects, for the reference of Azerbaijani enterprises. He would like to promote more pragmatic and specific cooperation between the two sides, push the cooperation in high-tech and bilateral trade to a new height.


Minister Teymur Nadiroghlu said that Azerbaijan Brand Hall was an important window and demonstration for bilateral cooperation. Particularly during the pandemic, it played a crucial role in cultural exchange and trade cooperation. He hoped that the SCODA could act as a bridge connecting Qingdao's local economic and trade cooperation with SCO countries, so as to further expand the bilateral cooperation, and open up new areas of Qingdao-Azerbaijan cooperation.


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