Wang Luming Met with SCO Secretary-General Norov

2021-11-30 15:11:38 admin source: share:

On the afternoon of October 27, Wang Luming, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Qingdao People's Congress met with SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov at Grand Barony Hotel Qingdao Airport, along with other domestic and foreign guests attending the 2021 China-SCO Countries Financial Cooperation and Capital Market Development Forum, and extended a warm welcome to the domestic and foreign guests on behalf of Qingdao Municipality.


Wang Luming said that he would like to take this financial forum as an opportunity to promote the effective implementation of the initiatives and consensus related to the financial area as stated in the Dushanbe Declaration of the 20th Anniversary of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, further promote the trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, contribute to the smooth regional economic circulation and regional economic prosperity, and accelerate building a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation.

Vladimir Norov said that, in the future, SCO member states would uphold the Shanghai Spirit, promote consultation, contribution and shared benefits, and he also hoped that the SCODA and SCO member states could expand and deepen the economic and trade cooperation, and realize higher-lever connectivity. 

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