The First "Entrepreneurs Day" Upcoming! Optimizing the Environment for Innovation and Development Represents SCODA's Most Sincere Affection for Entrepreneurs!

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At the construction site of Wanyang Crowd Innovation Park, steel pipes are sent to the construction platform in an orderly fashion, the construction workers are striving to catch up with the time limit of the construction. Cranes stand at the site, forming a busy scene.



"SCODA is highly efficient and has a quality business environment. It took less than three months from the first visit to sign the agreement, which fully demonstrated how much SCODA values development. We will fully leverage the professional advantages of Wanyang Group. In the last quarter of this year, we will accelerate the project progress, strive to bring in enterprises, expedite the clustering of industries, and accomplish the stated goals as scheduled." Su Xiaofeng said.

From Shaohaihui whose annual output value exceeded 20 billion yuan in less than four years, to one of the largest logistics centers of Shandong-- "Asia No. one" Qingdao Smart Logistics Park of JDL, to China's first global low orbit satellite constellation Geely Satellite Internet project, and SCODA International Innovation and Capacity Cooperation Center which integrates with the high-quality development of SCODA. One large and good project after another is taking roots and growing strongly at the SCODA. Currently, SCODA is continuously optimizing the business environment, creating a healthy atmosphere of respecting, understanding and supporting the entrepreneurs in the whole society, so as to encourage the entrepreneurs to start a business, expand and innovate.


SCODA strives to create a business environment brand "Sincere SCO Service for Your Satisfaction", provide the most attentive services, cultivate new momentum for high-quality development, and create a government-business relationship featuring no unnecessary disturbance and immediate response when needed. It aims to solve problems for entrepreneurs and enable them to share their opinions freely, thus creating an open and fair, high-quality and efficient business environment.


On October 11, a China-Europe freight train (Qilu) carrying 1.1 million USD worth of diary products imported from Belarus arrived at SCODA Multimodal Transport Center after 20 days. From the preliminary cooperation ideas to registering the entity company at SCODA and having the first batch of diary products arriving at SCODA, it took less than three months. The business and investment promotion team of SCODA provided supports in terms of business attraction policies, registration procedures and business environment. It offered meticulous assistance to Baikamen Import and Export Co., Ltd. to facilitate the landing of the project and freight train running. The professional and pragmatic work style is reassuring to entrepreneurs and investors.


Li Lingtao, General Manager of Baikamen Import and Export Co., Ltd. said, "As the largest importer of diary products from Belarus to China, Baikamen will leverage SCODA's support in policy, logistics and investment, bring in high-quality food from SCO countries, create a  high-quality food import platform for China-SCO countries     , and provide Chinese consumers with high-quality food from Belarus including milk andotherdiary products.


Public service is the touchstone of the business environment. SCODA stipulated Action Plan for Institutional Innovation 2021, released the first batch of 10 institutional innovation cases and the "credit SCO", created China's first "SCO• Bank Customs Pass" customs guarantee business, established SCODA Development Expert Advisory Board and undertook the first batch of 54 provincial empowerment matters. These solutions and pilot institutional innovation facilitated corporate development, carried forward entrepreneurship, improved service  offered to enterprises and entrepreneurs, substantially helped the entrepreneurs by solving their urgent and difficult problems.


Head of Liandong U Valley·Qingdao Jiaozhou International Enterprises Port sent a silk banner; the Permanent Secretariat of the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries sent a thank-you letter; Brian Shatler, an entrepreneur of the Scandinavian peninsula sent a thank-you email; the operator of Azerbaijan State Brand Hall-Qingdao Hall sent a silk banner; Tianfusheng (Qingdao) International Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. sent a silk banner......SCODA has effectively accelerated the progress of projects with a sound business environment.

As Liu Jianjun, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qingdao Committee, Secretary of the CPC Jiaozhou Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee, and Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA emphasized at the meeting on the innovation and development of enterprises in Jiaozhou: We should solidify the foundation for optimizing the sound environment for innovative corporate development, to ensure the companies could concentrate on their business, innovate  without worries. We should create an efficient, streamlined and  comfortablepublic service environment . We should create a livable urban environment conducive to entrepreneurship so that the entrepreneurs have a stronger sense of belonging. We should create a fair and just legal environment so that the entrepreneurs feel more secure.


We have formed a standardized template for approval matters, established an international multimodal transport comprehensive port which integrated various functions, including export cargo collection, TIR customs clearance, TIR verification, vehicles approval, customs inspection. We adopted customs transit for clearance at the border port, promoted multimodal transport CIFA bill of lading, initiated the new business model of "SCO·Bank Customs Pass" customs guarantee, innovatively released "China's Trade Index with the SCO Member States". In recent years, SCODA took institutional innovation as its core engine, undertook empowerment matters to promote the "integration of four chains", including the public service chain, cargo transport chain, capital supply chain and information convergence chain. We have accelerated the  building of a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation and continued to optimize and improve the business environment.


"It is the top priority for SCODA to focus on projects and provide sound services in order to achieve high-quality development. We will continue to solve problems for enterprises in their development, actively solve the problems and difficulties encountered in the progress of projects. We will also continue to optimize the business environment, upgrade the business environment brand of 'sincere SCO service for your satisfaction', and support high-quality development with high-quality projects." Meng Qingsheng, Member of the Party Working Committee, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA said.

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