Improve Business Ability and Increase Development Momentum--13th Silk Road Lecture Hall of SCODA Successfully Held

2021-11-30 16:30:23 admin source: share:

On November 6, the 13th Silk Road Lecture Hall of SCODA was opened at SCO Service Center. This lecture hall focused on topics related to SCODA, including the customs business, Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law, prevention and negotiation of contract law risks. Zhao Yi, Division Director of Free Trade Zone and Special Area Supervision Division of Qingdao Customs, Xu Yuejing, Deputy Director General of Jiaozhou Customs, Shang Suyu, Party Secretary and Senior Partner of Allbright Law Offices delivered lectures. Gao Xiaohui, Member of the Party Working Committee, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Working Committee, Director of Supervisory Office of SCODA presided over the event.


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