Liu Jianjun Emphasized at SCODA: Plan and Push Forward the Project Construction from a Higher Standing Point

2021-11-30 16:37:26 admin source: share:

On the afternoon of November 9, Liu Jianjun, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qingdao Committee, Secretary of the CPC Jiaozhou Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of SCODA, and Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA visited SCODA to inspect the projects.



Liu Jianjun inspected Hampson Medical Surgery Robots Equipment R&D Manufacturing, International Innovation Center for Marine Science and Technology, and heard the introduction on the companies' production and operation, and the project construction.


Liu Jianjun emphasized that we should thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of the "Year of Project Landing", attract more model and leading projects to land, gather and innovate at SCODA. We should further optimize the direction, positioning, path and methods of building SCODA, expedite building momentum and promoting the logistics hub, modern trade and two-way investment. We should take initiative to help the enterprises, and provide high-quality and efficient services for the companies' development and project construction. We should further strengthen the development philosophy of integration and coordination, take a higher stance and broader perspective in planning and promoting the projects of SCODA.


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