SCO-Shanghai Entrepreneurship Port Identified as One of the First Batch of Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base in Qingdao

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Shanghai Longai Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Shandong Longai Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Jiaozhou. It operates the first Offshore Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base "SCO-Shanghai Entrepreneurship Port", which has been identified as one of the first batches of entrepreneurship base in the list of 2021 Qingdao Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base issued by the Organization Department of the CPC Qingdao Committee, Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Finance.



Within just one year since its beginning of operation in August 2020, "SCO-Shanghai Entrepreneurship Port" has applied for 97 growth projects to be incubated, among which there are 12 high-level talent entrepreneurship projects. It has introduced five key enterprises to be located at SCODA and attracted 11 minor-languages-speaking foreign talents to work at SCODA. Up till this October, the landed companies have yielded an accumulative output value of 1.178 billion yuan.


While being incubated by "SCO-Shanghai Entrepreneurship Port", the projects could enjoy all-round support in capital, policies and space, obtain the first round of market financing. It has successfully landed Jiaozhou Semi-Conductor Industrial Park and invested 600 million RMB to build a factory for vehicle-mounted chip packaging and testing.


It is introduced that, according to The (Trial) Regulation on Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bases in Qingdao (Draft), subsidiary and incentives will be provided to the selected bases for the outstanding achievements in gathering talents, attracting projects, establishing channels for international science and technology cooperation, and connecting resources for overseas innovation and entrepreneurship. The highest incentive for innovation bases is 20 million yuan, and the highest incentive for entrepreneurship bases is 10 million yuan.

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