Guests from Danzhou of Hainan Province Visited SCODA

2022-01-25 15:54:28 admin source: share:

On December 16, Zhao Jiangze, Vice Mayor, Member of the Party Group of Danzhou, Hainan Province visited SCODA. Zhang Dong, Member of the Party Working Committee, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA (Transit) presided over the meeting.


Zhangdong hoped to build open channels for communication with Danzhou, enhance exchanges on improving institutional and systematic innovation and speeding up opening-up and development, deepen cooperation in relevant businesses, and work to develop more experience, practices and innovative policies that can be replicated and applied in a joint effort to promote high-quality development.

Zhao Jiangze said he hoped to take the opportunity of this visit to learn from each other, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields and achieve win-win development.

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