SCODA Organized A Meeting on Anti-Corruption Warning Education

2022-01-25 16:07:10 admin source: share:

On the afternoon of December 25, SCODA organized a meeting on warning against corruption, and played warning educational videos. The leaders of SCODA and all members of the administrative committee attended the meeting. Gao Xiaohui, Member of the Party Working Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Working Committee, Director of the Supervisory Office had an anti-corruption group talk with the second and third batch of selected personnel of SCODA.


The participants watched three warning education films including Anti-Corruption Stories in the Party's History, Staying away from Family Corruption, Hunting-Said the Briber, guiding all personnel to learn from excellent predecessors' and draw profound lessons from negative examples. The participants all said they were deeply alarmed, and would strictly abide by the Party Constitution, Code of Integrity and Self-Discipline and other party rules and regulations. The discipline rules will be printed in the heart, and the high standards and strict requirements will be implemented in work and life. All participants will always maintain the incorruptibility nature, and promote the high-quality development of SCODA with practical action.

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