Cmlog Tianchi Smart Cold Chain Supervised Warehouse Put into Operation at SCODA

2022-01-25 16:15:24 admin source: share:

On December 30, 2021, Cmlog Tianchi Smart Cold Chains Warehouse under public and centralized supervision was put into operation. On the very day, staff of Jiaozhou Market Supervision Bureau visited the supervised warehouse to inspect the pandemic prevention and control of the import cold chain.

Cmlog Tianchi Smart Cold Chain Supervised Warehouse is located at SCODA. Two refrigerating warehouses are put in use in the first phase. The two warehouses cover an area of 3,960 ㎡, and have a capacity of 15,000 tons and nine automatic disinfection devices, with 20 handling personnel and 16 management and operation personnel, capable of disinfecting 15 to 20 containers and handling over 1,000 tons per day. 

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