Team of Qingdao Tax Service, State Taxation Administration Inspected SCODA

2022-03-18 09:21:46 admin source: share:

On January 13, He Qian, Member of the Party Committee, Chief Economist of Qingdao Tax Service, State Taxation Administration, led a team to visit SCODA for a special inspection. Li Gang, Vice Secretary of the Party Working Committee, and Executive Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, met with He Qian at SCO Service Center.


During the meeting, Li Gang expressed his hope that the two sides could deepen cooperation, and Qingdao Tax Service could provide guidance to SCODA in its institutional innovation and policy support, form synergy with SCODA, and contribute the wisdom and strength of tax service for creating a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation and opening up across the land and over the sea, going eastward and westward.

He Qian said that Qingdao Tax Service would firmly support the development of SCODA, expand and deepen the existing work, and further promote the future work from a high standing point, high political stance, with high standards by continuing to optimize tax services to the satisfaction of the taxpayers, thus facilitating the stable growth of the enterprises based at SCODA.

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