SCODA Held 2022 Work Conference on Institutional Innovation

2022-04-20 10:09:22 admin source: share:

On the morning of March 2, SCODA's 2022 Work Conference on Institutional Innovation was held at SCODA Service Center, during which the work plan for institutional innovation in 2022 was discussed and future work was arranged.


The conference conveyed and studied the requirements of the mobilization conference of Qingdao Style and Capacity Improvement Year and the relevant requirements of the Inspection Office of the CPC Qingdao Committee on institutional innovation. The conference heard reports of all departments of the Administrative Committee of SCODA on the work plan of institutional innovation in seven aspects, including international logistics, modern trade, two-way investment, cultural exchanges, scientific cooperation, financial opening and business environment, and optimized and adjusted the matters of institutional innovation.

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