Zhang Xinzhu Inspects Jiaozhou Customs

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On May 10, Zhang Xinzhu, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qingdao Committee, Secretary of the CPC Jiaozhou Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Qingdao Jiaodong Airport Economic Demonstration Zone, inspected Jiaozhou Customs.


Zhang Xinzhu emphasized that we should study the customs-locality cooperation mechanism in an in-depth way, expand cooperation areas, innovate the cooperation model, improve cooperation level and create a model of customs-locality cooperation. And we should coordinate the resources of SCODA, Jiaodong Airport Economic Demonstration Zone and Jiaozhou to further promote collective innovation, thus putting SCODA in a  leading position of pushing forward larger scale cooperation in the whole of Jiaozhou and beyond. We should leverage various policies in a full and flexible way, uphold the platform philosophy, analyze scenarios, build comprehensive service platforms, eable high quality corporate development and support the real economy to grow and prosper.

Zhang Qinghai, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director General of Jiaozhou Customs, said that Jiaozhou Customs would actively serve the national strategy, fully integrate into the bigger picture of the city's development, work closely with the related departments in order to build the new area of SCODA into a pioneer and pilot platform for customs reform, and contribute the strength of customs for jointly building a modern new area of SCODA.

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