Scheduling Meeting on Key Project at Core Area of SCODA

2022-06-21 14:04:55 admin source: share:

On April 7, the Scheduling Meeting on Key Project at Core Area of SCODA was held at the SCO Service Center. The meeting discussed the operation design of the project, laying a solid foundation for the future construction of the project. Zhang Dong and Xiang Zhiqiang, Deputy Directors of the Administrative Committee of SCODA attended the meeting.

Zhang Dong pointed out that we should accelerate the operation design work, work closely to coordinate the progress and deliver a high standard design plan. He also said that the operation design should progress alternately with project construction, and we should make every effort to create a boutique project and a landmark architect, enable the key project at the core area to go into operation at an early date, raise the level of supporting facilities at SCODA and promote the high-quality development of SCODA. And we should fully embrace SCO elements, and further leverage the role of the project in deepening bilateral and multilateral economic and trade and people-to-people exchanges and cooperation, thus facilitating building a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation.

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