People's Daily Frequently Demonstrates Achievements of SCODA

2022-08-24 08:19:24 admin source: share:

Recently, SCODA has seized major opportunities to build a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation, and delivered impressive achievements.

The advanced experience and practices have been frequently highlighted by the overseas media account of People's Daily.

Up to now, People's Daily Overseas New Media has published 20 posts on Facebook and 20 posts on Twitter regarding the achievements of SCODA, with a total reading and interaction volume of over 2 million, attracting wide attention.

A series of publicity reports by overseas new media of People's Daily have widely spread the popularity and reputation of SCODA in SCO countries and countries along the Belt and Road, creating a sound international public opinion environment for SCODA.

As a pioneer of SCO local economic and trade cooperation, SCODA bears the strategic responsibility of building a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation, and shoulders the dream of Qingdao and Shandong Province to create a new highland of opening-up.

Since the beginning, SCODA has steadfastly followed the guidance of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, continued to optimize the direction, pathway, positioning and methods of construction, promoted the construction of the four centers according to the project and list orientation, and successfully completed the tasks of high-quality development, systematic and institutional reform and landing national pilot tasks, strongly promoted SCO local economic and trade cooperation, attracted global attention and gathered international resources. SCODA has always been pooling SCO strength through opening up.

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