Promote China-Russia Cross-Border Trade! China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade Held Open Class on Cross-Border Trade with Russia

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On May 30, the China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade held Open Class on Cross-Border Trade with Russia. The class was organized by the China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade and the Administrative Committee of SCODA, co-organized by the Russian Export Center, and undertaken by Alibaba Taobao Education. 178 businessmen and graduates from well-known universities in Russia participated in the class. Alexey Murzenok, Deputy Department Director of the Russian Export Center, attended the event and delivered a speech, while Sobilzoda, Deputy Secretary General of SCO Secretariat delivered a video speech.


Alexey Murzenok thanked the organizer for the high quality training. He said that China is an important partner of Russia and China-Russia relations have become more mature, stable and resilient in recent years. This training has taught relevant knowledge of cross-border e-commerce to Russian businessmen and students. It is hoped that participants can apply what they have learned, learn professional skills and contribute to the development of Russia's digital economy.

Sobilzoda said the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce is replacing traditional trade patterns at a fast pace and adjusting the market structure and order. In the future, SCO Secretariat will continue to support cooperation among member states in the fields of the digital economy, e-commerce and human resources.

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