Three Consecutive China-Europe Qilu Freight Train "SCODA Express" Coal Trains Departed to Ensure Energy Supply

2022-08-24 08:34:16 admin source: share:

Recently, three special trains for coal returned at SCODA Multimodal Transport Center. These are the first special trains for coal returning at SCODA since China adjusted the temporary coal import tax rate on May 1. The trains were attached to China-Europe Qilu Freight Train "SCO Express" coordinated and operated by Shandong High-Speed Group. The trains carried 384 TEUs of about 5,000 tons of coal, entered the border through Manzhouli and successfully arrived at SCODA Multimodal Transport Center (CRIntermodal Qingdao Central Station).

Energy is the basic support for economic and social development. Since the beginning of this year, the China-Europe Freight Train Qilu has imported about 800 TEUs of coal, and is expected to import about 2,000 TEUs in the whole year, providing a safe and stable logistics channel for coal import.

It is reported that from January to May this year, SCODA has run a total of 357 freight trains, up by 37.3% year on year. Up to now, the number of return trains has reached 192, and the raw materials such as panel, grain and mineral products have been continuously imported into China. The source of return goods has been continuously expanded, and the transport efficiency has been improved, which has strongly promoted the growth of international commodity trade.

Going forward, SCODA will make great efforts to ensure efficient and orderly coal transportation, strive to build the Belt and Road International energy cooperation demonstration pilot zone, and create a practical model and example of high-quality development of energy cooperation.

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