Guests of China Arab TV Visited SCODA

2022-11-08 08:32:39 admin source: share:

On July 1, Ge Jia, Executive Director of China Arab TV visited SCODA. Li Gang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA met with Ge Jia at the SCO Service Center.


Li Gang hoped that China Arab TV will give full play to its functional and resource advantages, establish an effective communication mechanism with SCODA, use its effective platform to tell the "SCO story" and help SCODA to become a benchmark and model for international cooperation.

Ge Jia said China Arab TV will strengthen communication with SCODA, give full play to the advantages of its platform, explore news stories of SCODA in building a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation from the media perspective, and widely spread the highlights of SCODA in building platforms and major projects, thus promoting the international reputation and influence of SCODA.

During the visit, Ge Jia also visited Qingdao Ruyi Lake Commercial Complex, SCODA Planning Exhibition Hall and the Featured Commodity Hall of SCODA.

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