A New Logistics Model Emerged! The First "SCO Digital Dual-Circulation Cold Chain Special Train" at SCODA Started Operation

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Recently, loaded with Shandong's local frozen seafood, fruits, vegetables and other cold chain food worth about 2.85 million US dollars, the "SCO digital dual-circulation cold chain special train" (SCODA, China - Moscow, Russia) departed from the multimodal transport center of SCODA. The first "round-trip dual-circulation" multimodal cold chain train issued by SCODA using digital means and combined with resources of China and Russia will open up an efficient and fast international cold chain logistics channel, and promote the import and export of agricultural and animal husbandry products and fresh products in the economic circle of Shandong capital city cluster and its surrounding areas. It will provide an important channel guarantee for the two-way investment, industrial cooperation and the digital trade industrial layout of the SCO countries.

It is introduced that the train is jointly operated by Jinan Eurasia Supply Chain Co., LTD., Yunyitong Technology Co., LTD., Y2T. com, and Realgoal Technology Co., Ltd. It will exit through the Manzhouli port and is expected to arrive in Moscow, the capital of Russia, in about 15 days. After arriving at the destination, its cooler will be loaded with cold chain products such as local frozen squid, frozen arctic shrimp, and frozen mushrooms in Moscow, which will be transported by rail to Vladivostok seaport. After the ship has arrived at Qingdao port, it will return to the original station of SCODA through the Jiaozhou Huangdao rail-sea line, forming an efficient dual-circulation under multimodal transport.

Due to the impact of the pandemic and other reasons, the refrigerated containers imported through China's railway ports are often heavily loaded on the way abroad and come back empty, which limits the development of cold chain trade to a certain extent. "SCO digital dual-circulation cold chain special train" connects various resources and elements, promotes inspection and customs clearance between China and Russia, as well as the rapid connection between railways, seaports, containers and ports of the two countries, and realizes the recycling and reuse of refrigerated containers. In addition, in the process of transportation, the special train uses the digital platform for real-time temperature monitoring and whole-course tracking and early warning to realize two-way customs clearance, improve the efficiency of container source turnover, and innovate the pre-position food inspection and traceability tracking process to ensure the quality and timeliness of customs clearance, comprehensively improve the efficiency of cold chain trade and reduce costs. According to the plan, the "SCO digital dual-circulation cold chain special train" is scheduled to run 2-3 trains every month, and gradually form regular scheduled trains.

The SCODA is speeding up the construction of an international logistics center, coordinating the functions of the multimodal transport service, innovating the international logistics mode, promoting the coordination of five ports in "sea, land, air, rail and mail" and building SCODA into an international super port. At present, the SCODA has innovated and launched new international logistics models, such as China's first fresh vegetables special train, the first cross-border e-commerce special train in the province, and the first multimodal "single document" bill of lading in the province. Besides, 25 international and domestic freight train routes have been run regularly, connecting 49 cities from 20 SCO and Belt and Road countries. A major international logistics channel covering the province, radiating along the Yellow River, crossing the Eurasian continent, and connecting Japan, South Korea and ASEAN has taken shape.

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