The SCODA - Hungary - Serbia Train of Shandong Europe Express of China-Europe Freight Train (Qilu) Run for the First Time

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On July 19, the SCODA - Hungary - Serbia Train of Shandong Europe Express of China-Europe Freight Train (Qilu) departed from the SCO Multimodal Transport Center (CRCT Qingdao Central Station), loaded with steel pipes, daily supplies, machinery and equipment worth more than 20 million yuan. This is the 17th international freight train since the construction of SCODA started.


The train is coordinated and operated by Shandong Hi-speed Group, carrying a total of 100 TEUs. It will exit the border from the Alataw Pass, passing by Poland and the Czech Republic. It is expected to arrive in Budapest, the capital of Hungary and "the pearl of the Danube river" in about 20 days. Then it will take the water route to head for Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It marks the further improvement of the train lines from SCODA to Central and Eastern Europe.

The bilateral trade between China and Hungary and Serbia has grown rapidly in recent years. The successful launch of this train is a concrete measure to implement high-quality Belt and Road cooperation with Hungary and Serbia and the "17+1" cooperation mechanism with Central and Eastern European countries. It will provide strong support for cooperation in infrastructure, energy and production capacity, further promote Qingdao's participation in the Belt and Road Initiative, enhance economic cooperation, and accelerate the building of a new platform for international cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

Up to now, 26 international and domestic freight trains have been operated regularly, connecting 51 cities of 22 countries of SCO and along the Belt and Road. In the first half of this year, the China-Europe freight train (Qilu) continued its strong development momentum, with a total of 430 freight trains run, up by 44.8% year-on-year, among which 213 are return freight trains, hitting a record high. It is worth mentioning that the source structure of international freight trains in SCODA has transformed into high value-added goods. The goods of SEPCO, Haier, Hisense and other enterprises in the province are sent all over the world via the China-Europe freight train (Qilu). This has safeguarded the logistics channel for the development of our export-oriented economy and promoted the development of foreign trade. The return freight train runs with high frequency and high quality. Products with SCO characteristics, such as plates, grain and mineral products, enter China via China-Europe freight train (Qilu) in SCODA, having effectively ensured the smooth flow of two-way international freight routes.

At present, SCODA is speeding up the construction of an international logistics center, coordinating the multimodal transport service functions, innovating international logistics models and expanding international logistics cooperation. The relevant person in charge of the Administrative Committee of SCODA said that SCODA will continue to make efforts in stabilizing the scale of operation, expanding the scope of radiation, strengthening the construction of channels, and serving the trade exchanges between SCO countries and countries along the Belt and Road. SCODA will also promote the multimodal transport of "sea, land, air, rail and mail" to build an international super port in SCODA, actively explore the integration of transport, trade and industry, strengthen cooperation with manufacturers and traders from SCO countries and countries along the Belt and Road, and make great strides toward building a new platform for international cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

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