SCODA-Bishkek Free Economic Zone Video Dialogue Held

2023-01-06 11:26:15 admin source: share:

    The "interaction between two industrial parks" cooperation between the SCODA and the Bishkek Free Economic Zone in Kyrgyzstan has been further promoted! On August 9, SCODA-Bishkek Free Economic Zone Video Dialogue was held at SCO Service Center. Zhang Dong, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, and Murataliyev Manas, Deputy General Manager of Bishkek Free Economic Zone, attended the meeting.

    Zhang Dong hoped that the two sides will carry out cooperation in broader areas and at deeper levels, pushing for more practical cooperation and creating a new paradigm of interactive economic and trade cooperation between the two industrial parks.

    Murataliyev Manas wished to further strengthen the industrial connection and complementary advantages with SCODA to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

    At the meeting, SCODA was promoted, and the phased achievements of the "four centers" were presented in detail. During the exchange session, the parties exchanged views on potential areas of cooperation.

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