China-Belarus Seminar on Reform and Management of State-Owned Enterprises Opened

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    On August 16, the China-Belarus Seminar on Reform and Management of State-Owned Enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the Seminar) opened online at the China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade. The seminar was sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China, organized by Shandong Vocational College of Foreign Trade and co-organized by the China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade and the Administrative Committee of SCODA. It lasted for 14 days and attracted more than 30 participants from the government, institutions and state-owned enterprises of Belarus.


    It is reported that the seminar invited Yan Guohua, former Vice President of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Wu Hongbin, former Chinese Ambassador to Belarus, and experts in the field of state-owned enterprise reform to give lectures. The seminar focused on introducing the reform, development history and effective experience of Chinese state-owned enterprises and their role in China's economic development, the new orientation, new model of and new sectors from the reform and development of China's state-owned enterprises in the new period, the management system model of China's state-owned enterprises and the future development trend, etc.

    The course content of the seminar is rich. In addition to professional courses such as those on  state-owned enterprise reform and development, there are also courses such as "online visit" to Chinese state-owned enterprises and "online experience" to Chinese scenic spots and historic sites, traditional culture and scenery of Qingdao.

    "This seminar is closely related to my work. I will put what I have learned into practice. At the same time, I hope to take this seminar as an opportunity to seek cooperation opportunities with Chinese enterprises and achieve win-win results." said Lukina Larissa Selegevna, Deputy Director of the General Administration of Ecological Policy, International Cooperation and Science of the Belarusian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, who represented the participants.

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