SCODA Join Hands with Relevant Authorities of Armenia to Promote AEO International Mutual Recognition Cooperation

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    On August 25, a video dialogue on AEO international mutual recognition cooperation between SCODA, the Armenian State Tax Commission and the Armenian Chinese Partnership Center was held at the SCO Service Center. Discussions were held on AEO international mutual recognition and inspection and the testing technology alliance in Central Asia. Lin Changhua, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, and He Shengjing, Deputy Director of the Enterprise Administration Division of Qingdao Customs, attended the meeting. Harutn Azgardiyan, Department Director of International Cooperation of Armenian State Revenue Commission (SRC), and Arman Mkhitaryan, Chairman of the Armenian Chinese Partnership Center, participated in the meeting online.


    Lin Changhua said that he expects to strengthen communication and exchanges with the Armenian side on matters related to the international mutual recognition of AEO and reach relevant cooperation agreements, so that AEO enterprises of the two countries can enjoy facilitated treatment in customs clearance.

    According to He Shengjing, after signing AEO mutual recognition agreements between countries (regions), AEO enterprises can enjoy facilitated treatment in customs clearance, which can effectively reduce the trading cost of insurance, logistics, etc., and enhance the international competitiveness. Under the authorization of the General Administration of Customs, Qingdao Customs and the Administrative Committee of SCODA jointly promote the international mutual recognition of AEO with SCO countries, which is conducive to improving the security and convenience of supply chain and promoting bilateral economic and trade development.

    Harutn Azgardiyan said that the AEO international mutual recognition is particularly important to enhancing the trading facilitation between the two countries. He hopes the two countries could deepen exchanges and cooperation regarding the international mutual recognition of AEO, and hold higher level China-Armenia trade facilitation forums and establish normalized communication and coordination mechanism, promoting trade facilitation between China and Armenia.

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