Zhou Naixiang Inspected the Construction of SCODA in Qingdao

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On February 15, Zhou Naixiang, Vice Secretary of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee, and Governor of Shandong inspected the construction of the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area in Qingdao. He emphasized that we should thoroughly implement the important instructions of President Xi Jinping on the construction of Belt and Road and SCODA, make all-out efforts to deliver substantial and pragmatic results, improve the reputation and recognition of SCODA, accelerate the construction of the four centers of international logistics, modern trade, two-way investment, and business, tourism, and cultural exchange, and create a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation. Lu Zhiyuan, Vice Secretary of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee, and Secretary of the CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee accompanied.

Zhou Naixiang fully affirmed the positive progress achieved in the construction of SCODA, and required the local officials to seize development opportunities, make full use of platform resources, and form the scale effect and agglomeration effect. At the halls of Russia, India, Afghanistan, and Iran, he actively communicated with the businessmen, listened to their opinions and suggestions on optimizing the business environment, and sincerely invited more enterprises from SCO countries to invest and operate in SCODA.

Zhou Naixiang stressed that we should adhere to high-standard planning, high-level construction, and efficient operation, creatively implement the general plan for the construction of SCODA, and speed up the deepening and pragmatic development of SCODA. We should prioritize institutional innovation, take the initiative to uphold international economic and trade standards, accelerate the deployment of innovative projects, introduce innovative measures, and carry out innovative pilot projects, so as to foster more leading development that gives full play to first-mover advantages. We will focus on attracting investment and talents, carry out innovative economic and trade activities, and plan and attract a number of landmark projects. We should give priority to creating a sound environment, strengthen the construction of supporting facilities, continue to optimize the business environment, provide enterprises with full-chain, full-factor, full-cycle, and one-stop services, and ensure the steady and long-term development of SCODA.

Song Junji, Vice Governor of Shandong participated.

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