St. Petersburg "Happy Chinese New Year" Series Event - China-Russia Business Forum "St. Petersburg and Qingdao: New Opportunities" Video Dialogue Held

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On February 3, St. Petersburg “Happy Chinese New Year” Series Event - China-Russia Business Forum “St. Petersburg and Qingdao: New Opportunities” Video Dialogue was held. Zhao Haozhi, Mayor of Qingdao, and Alexander Beglov, Mayor of St. Petersburg, delivered video speeches, and Zhang Dong, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, delivered a special presentation online.

Zhao Haozhi said in his speech that Qingdao stands ready to jointly grasp development opportunities with St. Petersburg, continuously deepen practical cooperation between the two cities in the fields of economy, science and technology, education and culture, and make greater contributions to the higher-level development of China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination in a new era.

Zhang Dong said in the presentation that SCODA has held economic and trade dialogues with St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tatarstan Republic, Perm Krai, and other places, signed memorandums of friendship and cooperation with Alabuga Special Economic Zone, Mogreno Special Economic Zone, and other places, introduced Russia's Huanuo Exiang and other economic and trade cooperation platforms, and is pushing forward the construction of China-Russia Mechanical and Electrical Industrial Park project. The economic and trade cooperation between Qingdao and St. Petersburg has yielded fruitful results, opening up broad space for in-depth cooperation between the two cities.

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