From "Interaction between Two Industrial Parks" to "Connectivity through Platforms"! New Mode for Cooperation between SCODA and China‐Belarus Industrial Park

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On February 6, the “Interaction between Two Industrial Parks, and Connectivity through Platforms” SCODA and China-Belarus Industrial Park Exchange Seminar was held online. During the event, the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Comprehensive Service Platform (hereinafter referred to as the “SCO Comprehensive Service Platform”) and the online B2B trade promotion platform of the China-Belarus Industrial Park signed a memorandum of cooperation and realized the interconnection of the platforms. SCODA and the China-Belarus Industrial Park jointly issued the “List of Demands for Cooperation in Import and Export Products", adding a new mode of "interaction between the two industrial parks”.


This signing marks the further expansion of the cooperation mode between SCODA and the China-Belarus Industrial Park from “interaction between the two industrial parks” to “connectivity through platforms”, providing more convenient channels and broad platforms for the exchanges between enterprises of the two sides and creating a new mode of local practical economic and trade cooperation.

“We will further deepen exchanges and cooperation with the China-Belarus Industrial Park, based on the resource endowment and industrial status of Belarus, continuously tap the development potential of China-Belarus cooperation, promote the implementation of more China-Belarus interactive demonstration projects, realize industrial complementarity and coordinated development, promote the deep coupling of industrial and supply chains, and provide scenarios, models and examples for local economic and trade cooperation under the international bilateral and multilateral framework.” said Zhang Dong, Member of the Party Working Committee, and Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA.

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