SCODA-Alabuga Special Economic Zone Liaison Office Inaugurated

2023-06-03 09:27:13 admin source: share:

On February 8, the Inauguration Ceremony of the SCODA-Alabuga Special Economic Zone Liaison Office was held online. SCODA and Russia's Alabuga Special Economic Zone will set up liaison offices in each other's countries. The two sides will strengthen cooperation in attracting investment and implementing projects, strengthen the complementarity of industrial advantages, promote the interaction and coupling of industrial and supply chains, and deliver more fruits of interaction and cooperation between the two zones.


“We will take the establishment of liaison offices as an opportunity to further strengthen information sharing and resource exchange with the Alabuga Special Economic Zone, continuously optimize the business environment, actively explore new models of industrial cooperation between the two industrial parks, promote the implementation of more practical cooperation outcomes in the two parks, and provide scenarios, models, and examples for local economic and trade cooperation under the international bilateral and multilateral framework.” Zhang Dong, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, said.

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