Li Gang Met Guests from the General Administration of Customs and China Everbright Bank Qingdao Branch Respectively

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On February 15, Li Gang, Vice Secretary of the Party Working Committee, and Executive Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA met with Zhu Fang, Deputy Director General of the Enterprise Management and Audit-Based Control Department of the General Administration of Customs, and Hui Jinfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Everbright Bank Qingdao Branch at the SCO Service Center respectively.


When meeting with Zhu Fang and his delegation, Li Gang hoped that the General Administration of Customs would continue to support the construction of SCODA, cooperate from multiple angles and in all directions, and make every effort to enhance the level of trade facilitation among SCO countries.

Zhu Fang said that the administration will actively carry out AEO mutual recognition and other institutional innovation pilot projects in SCODA, so as to promote SCODA to play a greater role in the development of the export-oriented economy and jointly serve the country's opening-up.

When meeting with Hui Jinfeng, Li Gang hoped that the Qingdao Branch of China Everbright Bank will exert its financial power to stabilize and upgrade the industrial and supply chains in an integrated and systematic way, thus facilitating the high-quality development of SCODA.

Hui Jinfeng said that it will actively integrate into and serve the construction of SCODA, focus on the development direction and priority of SCODA, increase the financial supply, provide accurate services, enhance support for the development of the real economy, and achieve win-win cooperation.

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